I've been playing with and learning photography for 30 years! I love learning lighting setups in studio and traipsing after birds and wildlife around North America! When out in the wilds its all about my love of capturing the gifts of nature from small birds to large flocks and the special noise a large gathering of birds can make. To the wonder and awe of following and watching the special moments an animal will allow you in their presence and I have a large affinity for bears of all size! I have been incredibly lucky to have been to the Grizzly Bear sanctuary and am excited to be going to the Great Bear Rainforest for the White Kermode Spirit Bear and  later this winter to go North of Churchill Manitoba for the Polar Bears!

I also love photographing people! In my full studio I enjoy portrait sessions with clients who become friends. From Real Estate agents and models who need fresh portraits on a regular basis to families and family pets to people looking for more intimate portraits for their loved one that may not be used to being photographed, I have a relaxed style and will take the time to get results you will be proud of. I photograph a wide variety of subjects with a professional attitude, equipment and results. I am always looking at light and its many qualities, doesn't matter if I'm driving, walking or sitting I am always looking at the light and the harness or softness of the shadows. Light can be as hard as a driving rain or as soft as an English fog. My first set of studio lights were an old Norman power pack with four small light heads. Now I have changed to Alien Bee mono lights and have a range that will give me from a drip to a full storm of light as well as a large collection of speed lights! Almost all can also go on the road and I have been known to have my studio lights out in a field or down on the beach. So it does not matter where, but if I am photographing Glamour, Portraits, New Borns or Mom's to be or a Boudoir session you can rest assured it will not be hurried, it will be all about you and if we need make up artists or studio's or a cool location we can make it happen and you will have images you can cherish!

Images in my Galleries:

I want to stress that I have permission and the blessing of everyone in the pictures shown or for my marketing purposes and if you are interested in an intimate shoot but not comfortable with your images on my web page that is more than OK! I have a number of customers whose pictures are kept private for their own enjoyment only.

For portraits I can be contacted through [email protected]. My rates are reasonable and I will work out of the studio in the outdoors or in your home for a nominal fee. If you are looking for new Family portraits as the kids grow so fast or an update for your business look for your web page or just something special for you or your loved one I will do my damnedest to exceed all your expectations!

Please look around and I hope you enjoy your stay!


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